The first and only Banzai Records show was actually put together by Rock en Stock.

The second (WWIII) and third (No Speed Limit) ones were produced by Maurice "Rocker" Richard, Voivod's manager.


Banzai Axe Festival (August 17th, 1985) at the Palladium


-Metal Church


-Hallow's Eve

-Agent Steel


World War III Festival (November 30th, 1985) at the Palladium


-Celtic Frost


-Nasty Savage



No Speed Limit Festival (November 11th and 12th, 1986) at the Spectrum

November 11th






 November 12th


-Agnostic Front (with Billy Milano)


-Nuclear Assault


Banzai Axe Festival newspaper ad.


WWIII original poster by Away, and WWIII announcement from Northern Metal magazine.

below, Official posters of WWIII and No Speed Limit Festivals. (courtesy of Ron McGregor)