FORCE 1 - Force of the Blade

Banzai, 1986

Heavy Side
1- Lizzy Borden - Red Rum
2- Metal Church - Big Guns (previously unreleased)
3- Nasty Savage - Fear Beyond the Vision
4- Liege Lord - Amnesty
5- Restless - We Rock the Nation
6- Torch - Warlock

Speed Side
1- Slayer - Evil Has no Boundaries (unreleased live version)
2- Hallow's Eve - Plunging to Megadeath
3- Tyrant - Free for All
4- Destruction - Invincible Force
5- Helloween - Murderer
6- Gravestone - Won't Stop Rockin'

Indigo blue labels with tracklisting on each side.

This is the only Banzai release with a song list on side 2. And the only one with blue labels.
Sides are named "Heavy" and "Speed".
Contains 2 exclusive tracks, by Metal Church and Slayer. The Metal Church song "Big Guns" was available on the cassette release of the Metal Church self-titled album.
The cassette version had 2 extra tracks; Grave Digger - School's Out, and Slayer - The Antichrist

A promo version intended for record store owners also exists. It contains the same lp, plus a presskit that includes a poster, a smaller copy of the poster (8"x10"), a 2-page background sheet (similar to the facts sheet) and a 2-page letter from Michel Meese.



Release sheet: