BRC 1978 - Sodom - Obsessed by Cruelty

Steamhammer, 1986

Side "Obsessed"
1- Intro (The Rebirth...)
2- Deathlike Silence
3- Brandish the Sceptre
4- Proselytism Real
5- Equinox
6- Volcanic Slut

Side "Cruelty"
1- Obsessed by Cruelty
2- Fall of Majesty Town
3- Nuctemeron
4- Pretenders to the Throne
5- Witchhammer

Most copies have sides "Obsessed" and "Cruelty" inverted, meaning "Cruelty" is side one.

The tracklist on the back cover and label is different than what's actually on the record.
Above is the correct order.
The track "After the Deluge" did not appear on this version of the album, nor the Metal Blade.
It only appeared on the European Steamhammer re-recorded 2nd version.