BRC 1948 - Hallow's Eve - Tales of Terror

Metal Blade, 1985

This Side
1- Pluggin to Megadeth
2- Outer Limits
3- Horror Show
4- The Mansion

That Side
1- There Are no Rules
2- Valley of the Dolls (Inst)
3- Metal Merchants
4- Hallow's Eve Including Routine


-Mistakes on the label "Pluggin to Megadeth" instead of "Plunging to Megadeath"
There are 2 different back sleeves:

1- With a small white "DJ" logo at the right of the Banzai address, meaning it was printed by Ross-Ellis Ltd. in Ontario

- "Plunging to Megadeth" and "Horror Show" (same as label) spelling

2- No "DJ" logo

- "Plunging to Megadeath" (same as inner sleeve) and "Horrorshow" (same as inner sleeve) spelling