BRC 1906 - Slayer - Show No Mercy

Metal Blade, 1983 / Roadrunner, 1984

This Side
1- Evil has no Boundaries
2- The Antichrist
3- Die by the Sword
4- Fight 'Till Death
5- Metalstorm / Face the Slayer
6- Aggressive Protector

That Side
1- Black Magic
2- Tormentor
3- The Final Command
4- Crionics
5- Show no Mercy

The song "Aggressive Protector" is taken from the Metal Massacre 3 compilation (and was called "Aggressive Perfector") and did not appear on other pressings. It was later added on the Roadrunner version.
It is spelled "Agressive Protector" on back sleeve.
First pressing had the white label, with the mention "Licensed from Metal Blade".
Later pressings (white or black label) mentioned "Licensed from Roadrunner", the european distributor.
Back sleeve always mentions "Metal Blade Records".

The running times of "Evil has no Boundaries" and "Fight 'Till Death" are wrong on the Metal Blade label, but correct on the Roadrunner ones.
Sides 6 and 66 on back sleeve only.