BAM 1002 - Venom - Canadian Assault

Neat, 1984

This Side Live
1- Die Hard
2- Welcome to Hell
3- In Nomine Satanas

That Side Studio
1- Warhead
2- Women
3- 7 Gates of Hell

From an idea by Michel Meese, Banzai's founder and president. To coincide with Venom's canadian tour, he wanted a new album from the band to help with promotion. So he picked a few b-sides the band had not yet released in Canada, and some live tracks. The band and their management liked the idea so much that they created the "Assault" serie based on this release.

The live sides weren't recorded in the country of the album's name. They are taken from Venom's first London show at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1984, and from the Friday Rock Session. In this case, all 3 songs come from the Hammersmith show. The b-side studio tracks varied for each album. The albums were only domestically available in the country of origin. So even though this one (Canadian Assault) is licensed by Neat, it is the only available pressing, and the first Banzai exclusive release.
Other titles in the "Assault" serie included: German, French, American and Scandinavian.